DEvelopment Kit

Develop your eye tracking applications using our SDK.

Our extensive library provides you with all functions you need to control the eye tracker and receive gaze data.

The gaze data can be obtained in real-time (online). The programming interface for all our eye trackers is the same so your software will be independent of specific models and can be migrated to any of them.

Developer Notes


  • X-Y coordinates of current gaze position
  • Pupil diameter
  • Fixation detection
  • Saccade detection
  • Eyeball location is 3D space
  • Access to temporal difference between image capture and gaze data timing
  • Synchronization of other types of data and gaze data stream via trigger
  • Demo programs (calibration, fixation detection, client/server settings, etc.)
  • 3D gaze coordinates for 3D real/virtual scenes (only with the Eyegaze Edge EyeFollower)

Supported programming languages

Pre-built libraries for the following programming languages are available:

  • C/C++ – SDK with extensive demo programs
  • Delphi – VCL component for conveniently controlling the eye tracker (configurable via Delphi Object Inspector)
  • Java, Matlab – Library for accessing the complete Eyegaze Edge API

Eyegaze Edge pseudo code example

The following pseudo code demonstrates typical function usage in an Eyegaze Edge application program:
allocate stEgControl structure
setup stEgcontrol structure
// create and start the Eyegaze Edge thread
if (new user)
   // have the participant perform the calibration procedure
   EgCalibrate(&stEgControl, hwnd, 1);
for (loop)
    // wait for and retrieve gazepoint from next camera frame
    Use Eyegaze Edge data from stEgControl.pstEgData
// terminate the Eyegaze Edge thread

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