About Us

Empowering researchers for over 30 years

About Us

Providing the world’s leading eye tracking and eye-controlled technology since 1988

Our passion to help individuals communicate with their loved ones has empowered us to develop the world’s best eye-tracking hardware and software. Dedicated design features and algorithms developed for people with various eye conditions enable our eye trackers to handle a wide range of human population with superior accuracy and consistency.


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New tool allows paralyzed to speak using their eyes – WashingtonPost, 2016

The tech giving people power to deal with disability – BBC, 2016

The Eyes have it – NASA-LCT connection, 2003

About Us

Bringing together electrical and mechatronics engineers, computer scientists, medical professionals, and sales experts

Together in 1986, a group of electrical engineers and computer scientists began developing solutions for various engineering and signal processing problems. By 1988, their focus was to “develop the worlds’ best eye tracker.” We started with helping people with severe mobility impairment because communicating via eye tracking can truly be a killer app. Our involvement and dedication over years of development bring you the outstanding Eyegaze experience.

Today, creative minds continue to realize the vision of developing the world’s best eye tracker.


About Us

Committed to providing exceptional customer service and support

Listening to our customers’ concern, showing respect, providing timely resolution are some of the ways we establish long-term relationship with our customers. 


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