Collect eye tracking data for applications ranging from
Human-Computer Interaction and Market Research
to Psychology and 3D environments

All Applications

Scientific Research

Psychology, Neuroscience, Reading, Vision, Computer Science

  • Precise eye tracking data (fixations, saccades, pupil size)
  • Widest range of human population including people with glasses, contacts, make-up
  • Compensation for droopy eyelids (eyelid occlusion of the pupil), common in many populations
  • Quick and easy calibration for adults, children, and infants
  • Bright pupil method for trouble-free eye tracking
  • Visualize raw data, gaze trace, heatmap, scanpath
  • Analyze events such as fixations and pupil diameter changes
  • Define static and dynamic Areas of Interest (AOI)
  • Statistical analysis of single subjects or defined groups
  • Compare between groups using Attentional Landscape Technology
  • Synchronize eye tracking data with other modalities such as EEG, GSR
  • Diverse export formats for use with R, SPSS, etc.
  • Extension available for third party tools e.g., E-Prime, Presentation.

Usability testing and HCI

Websites, Software, Intranet, User Interfaces

  • Create powerful eye tracking studies in only a few steps
  • Observe user behavior via a second monitor in real-time
  • Automatic analyses help you in the interpretation of your results
  • Perform user and target group comparison
  • Create user videos and record events by sending triggers
  • Generate and export easily comprehensible visualizations in short-time
  • Integrate individually defined trigger signals

Marketing & Web Analysis

Internet marketing, Consumer behavior, POS analysis, Product design

  • Analyze the effectiveness of advertisements or web pages
  • Easy planning of multiple tasks with the web task manager
  • Eye tracking with participants of all ages
  • Define static and dynamic AOIs
  • Observe users in real-time on a second screen
  • Dynamic elements are detected automatically
  • Analysis of single user or groups
  • Synchronize several analyses for higher information value
  • Synchronize eye tracking data with EEG and GSR signals

3D real or simulate

Aircraft/Driving simulation, Retail store eye tracking

  • Eye tracking without monitor and screen
  • Capture eye tracking data in 3D real or virtual environments, driving simulators, 3D games
  • Access 3D gaze data in real time
  • Compatible with stereoscopic visualizations
  • SDK for different programming languages
  • Interfaces for synchronizing your data

Assistive technology

Communicate, Control your apps, Browse the web

  • World’s most advanced eye-driven tablet communication system
  • Generate speech by typing or selecting from pre-programmed phrases
  • Call, Text, WhatsApp
  • Send emails
  • Browse the Web, access Netflix, Amazon, YouTube etc.
  • Control your personal computer
  • Control the environment via GEWA, UUIRT, Amazon Echo etc.
  • Low eye fatigue


User Reviews


“My arms and hands were deteriorating quite rapidly meaning I couldn’t work anymore. The Eyegaze saved my software engineering job. I can control a Mac and do everything with my eye that I used to do with my hands. I can respond to email, I can surf the web, and I can hold conversations.”

Jim, Software Engineer, MIT


“Thank you and everyone you work with. My son Jack is laying in his hospital bed right now using his Eyegaze to chat with his friends on Facebook, check his email, and he just posted on his web page… the nurses and doctors are amazed watching him do all of this with a breathing tube in his throat and about 20 other assorted lines attached to various parts of his body.”

Al, Pennsylvania

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