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With our software extension for third-party applications, you can:


Control our eye trackers from E-Prime, Presentation, or Matlab to access gaze data in real-time.


Synchronize the stimulus display with the gaze data stream.


Define and configure areas of interest (AOI) remotely; the extension informs you which AOIs your subjects attended.


E-Prime extension

This extension enables:

  • TCP/IP network
  • Connecting via Socket-Device
  • Simple commands to control the eye tracker
  • Receiving gaze data during runtime
  • Event synchronization by sending trigger signals
  • Defining AOIs, even during runtime
  • Feedback if AOI was hit
  • Synchronization of external data stream with parallel port signal
  • Automatic generation of export files (samples, fixations, saccades, triggers)

Presentation extension

With the extension for Presentation, you can:

  • Start the eye tracker
  • Invoke the calibration
  • Define your own calibration
  • Send triggers that are saved synchronized to the gaze samples
  • Manage where to save the output data
  • Get gaze position
  • Get events such as fixations, saccades


Quick and simple steps to integrate our eye trackers with your Python code.


Quick and simple steps to integrate our eye trackers with your Matlab code.

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