Eyegaze Advantage®

Advanced eye tracking for OEM customers.

Add our robust eye tracking to your product.


  • Monocular and Binocular
  • Mobile and light weight
  • 50 Hz sampling rate
  • High accuracy <0.4 degree
  • Easy and fast calibration
  • High tolerance to ambient infrared
  • Integrated Time-of-flight sense technology
  • Simplest API
  • Excellent runtime support

Mobile and lightweight

At less than 180 g, the Eyegaze Advantage® is perfect for mobile use. Connect easily to any computer and conduct your study at customer site.

Easy and fast calibration

Use our easy to use and fast calibration or design your own.

High accuracy

No compromise in accuracy when integrating with your product.


Usable Population

Our patented technology is developed over a broad spectrum of human population including people with disabilities. This allows our eye trackers to handle eye deviations such as eyelids covering part of pupil, extremely large pupils, dry eyes, rapid eye accelerations.

Simple API

The Eyegaze Advantage® API is simple to integrate and comprehensive. We also provide detailed and easy-to-read documentation.


Tolerance to ambient IR

Our unique pulser technology allows more tolerance to ambient infrared illumination than other remote eye trackers, making it usable in more lighting environments.


Lightweight and super-portable.

The Eyegaze Advantage® comes with:
  1. Eyegaze Edge® Encore camera
  2. Eyegaze Edge runtime support
  3. Lifetime driver updates
  4. Full one year warranty

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