Design. Collect. Analyze.

You can design, collect and analyze using just one software.

NYAN analysis suite is an unprecedented tool for your eye tracking study.

Suite Details


  • Intuitive workflow to manage wide variety of studies
  • Dedicated experiment builder with simple steps to design your study
  • Perform quantitative analysis and create powerful visualizations
  • Gain insight into human cognition, consumer behavior, and oculomotor processes
  • Export everything from raw data to fixations and saccades, even visualizations
  • Synchronize with external devices such as EEG using hardware triggers
  • Integrate multiple data streams such as gaze data, mouse movements, key strokes
  • Diverse possibilities of graphic analysis, metrics, statistic evaluation
  • Live session monitoring
  • Attentional Landscape Technology to visualize awareness and attention
  • Dynamic web page detection and handling
  • Multiple types of stimuli in one study
  • TechSmith Morae integration


NYAN comes in three different editions, with each edition giving you more powerful tools.
Features that are grayed-out are not included.

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